Meet the Ocutag platform

Say goodbye to QR codes and barcodes. Now your phone apps can recognize images directly, triggering digital experiences that you design. The Ocutag platform allows you to integrate patented Ricoh Visual Search technology into your mobile app through APIs. Our web-based authoring tool lets you create engaging digital experiences for your users. Static images in the physical world, including posters, magazines, catalogs, product packaging, billboards, and photographs, can connect your users to your dynamic digital content.

How the Ocutag service works

When you add Ocutag to your app, your users engage by simply snapping real-world images with their mobile devices. The Ocutag server then looks for a match among the images posted in your collection. When a match is found, the digital experiences you’ve specified—video, audio, websites, social media, e-commerce channels and more—are served on the user’s phone.

Great developer tools

When you choose the Ocutag platform you don’t just get simple APIs to handle your visual search needs, you also get comprehensive easy-to-use tools for developers and content authors, and support to get started quickly.

  • Our APIs and sample code provide what you need for app development on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.
  • Our content authoring tool makes it easy to launch campaigns quickly.
  • Our analytics tool shows how your users are engaging with visual search.
  • Our support resources help you get a quick start.