Fast—create and deploy mobile experiences in minutes

The Ocutag web-based content authoring tool lets you or your content experts create unique, engaging mobile experiences that can go live instantly.

Easy—here’s how it works

  1. Create an image collection.
  2. Upload image files to your collection. These images can be print ads, magazines, posters, product labels, book text, newspapers, flat product packaging, photographs, and more.
  3. Link digital content to your images, including video, audio, web pages, social media, email contacts, and more.
  4. Go live. Your visual search experiences are available to the world!

Powerful—scales up to tackle your biggest jobs

For larger projects, the authoring tool allows you to batch author multiple images with one click. And when your campaign needs updating, you can add, remove, or change links at any time, and the update is recognized by your app instantly.